Lord Foster of Bath visits Bridgemead

Lord Foster of Bath visited Bridgemead on 13th January. He came down from Suffolk to see some of the residents, Iris Stanton, Jean Kemmery and Ruth Hewetson.

He said: “I like to go off and talk to people rather than follow a script, and when I do that here I find that everyone is so positive. This is a huge testimony to the staff who work here. Bridgemead always gets very high praise. I have been to a number of events here. I remember coming here with Shirley Williams to a concert and we were told off for singing too noisily! When I was Deputy Mayor of the Paralympic Village I went to an Olympic event here too. At Bridgemead there is always something going on, there are a lot of activities to engage people. People always have a chance to do new things rather than just fade away. They are given care and support to get on and do the things they really want to do. I love this place.”

Iris Stanton told Lord Foster: “This is a super place. We are well looked after and I feel safe.”