Dining room

A Feast of Friendship and Fun

The main dining room is the hub of the home. It’s a bright, spacious area where the mid-day meal is served and activities and entertainment take place throughout the day. It also offers an open atrium, allowing residents to feel part of what’s happening without having to sit in the main dining area.

Food of the highest quality

Mealtimes are an important part of life at Bridgemead and we pride ourselves on superb food made with locally sourced ingredients. Visitors and family members are welcome to have lunch with their relatives and, on birthdays, residents are invited to choose the day’s menu.

Daily get-togethers and activities

Each weekday morning, we have a short devotional time for residents and day club members who want to join in. This is followed by exercises which help work up a good appetite for the two course lunch at 12.30pm. After lunch the dining room is used for afternoon activities and entertainment.

Sunshine and social time in the conservatory

The dining room leads to our bright airy conservatory which is beautifully appointed and looks out to the gardens and river. Residents and visitors are welcome to treat it like home.