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Marion - 18 September (2)

Tambourines, maracas and garlands

Bridey - 18 September 2017 (2)Don and Jean 3 - 18 September (2)Maggie - 18 September (2)

Frankie Johns came to Bridgemead yesterday for the afternoon with his tambourines, maracas, hats and garlands for an afternoon of country and western, and fun. He said ” Everyone joined in the singing and we all enjoyed it. I’d not been to Bridgemead before but everyone was very welcoming.”

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Elliot on a break in the conservatory

Bridgemead feasts

The Deputy Mayor, Councillor Rob Appleyard, said on a recent visit:” Bridgemead is brilliant. There is a sense of grace and love here, and the food is amazing!” Elliot Gower is part of the great team in the kitchens at Bridgemead producing the amazing food. He has worked here for 12 years, with the chefs Mark and Maria.

He says: “They are a good bunch of people and we have a laugh. Everyone has five minutes to spare chatting to the residents. It can be stressful but everyone goes out of their way to help each other. Everything is cooked from scratch and it is all fresh, except for the cod in batter.”

“The most popular dish is a roast dinner – pork, lamb, chicken or beef. On their birthdays residents choose their favourite menus – and it is always a roast dinner or salmon.”

“Everyone loves the puddings: Eton mess, cherry pie, fresh fruit cocktail, chocolate sponge, banana custard and baked apple are favourites – there’s hardly ever anything left.”

“We cater for everyone, whether it’s yeast free, dairy free or fat free; or we puree some foods for those who can’t swallow easily.”

“All in all, it’s a homely, friendly environment.”

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Iris Stanton and Brian Paginton Golden Toes Tropical Summer seated dance class 07.08.17. 2

It’s Samba time!

Lauren from Golden Toes got everybody moving with a tropical themed seated dance class this week. Everyone had a go at the samba, flamenco and hula dance and Bridgemead was dancing! Lauren said “Everyone performed beautifully and it was a great pleasure to dance with and for everyone.”

Maggie Drew Golden Toes Tropical Summer seated dance class Paginton and Maggie Drew Golden Toes Tropical Summer seated dance class 07.08.17Marion and Sylvia Golden Toes Tropical Summer Dance Class__ 07.08.174

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Botanical gardens 1

Blooming in the Botanical Gardens

Five Bridgemead residents, along with Heather, Denise and Sonia took advantage of the sunshine by taking a stroll around Bath Botanical Gardens this week,and admired the flower borders in full bloom.

Residents enjoyed watching families and children picnicking and playing in the sunshine. Dog walkers stopped to chat and their dogs were petted by all. It was the perfect day for ice-cream at the Royal Pavilion Café in Royal Victoria Park afterwards with a lovely view of the bowling green and tennis courts.

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James & Danny in front of Dryham Park

Day out at Dyrham Park

On 31st May four of our residents Danny York, James Elliott, Edward Horesh and Jean Kemmery went out on a trip to see the beautiful ancient deer park, seventeenth century house and garden at Dyrham Park. They were accompanied by four staff  – Denise Harris (Senior Carer), Veronica Ward (Carer), Kristyna Jancikova (Registered Nurse), and Michelle Jenner (Activities Co-ordinator).


Three residents chose to go around the house – Edward (with Kristyna), Danny (with Denise) and James (with Veronica). All the National Trust staff were very helpful and co-operative. All the residents visited the gardens and were very impressed.  Veronica took James around the gardens and the pond.  Denise took Danny around the gardens and the pond. Some areas are difficult for wheelchairs, such as the cobbled courtyard and some gravel in the gardens and steep slopes.  These difficulties were negotiated successfully by the well trained staff, who all have moving and handling training.

Tea at Dyrham Park café was a great success although Danny said that the scones were not as good as the ones his wife used to make!  Edward enjoyed his favourite Marshfield ice-cream and James liked the ice-cream too. Michelle says: “I love taking residents out on outings because they enjoy it so much.  It’s wonderful to see them in a different environment, they are more relaxed, sociable and jolly.”


Previous successful trips have included outings to  National Trust ‘Courts Gardens’, Prior Park Garden Centre, Chew Valley Lake, and ‘Salt & Malt’ café.

A visit to Bath City Farm for ‘Feathered Friends’ a sociable chicken keeping/cuddling project, for the over 60s and those living with dementia, and their carers is planned next.


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How to live to be 100

Miss Jean Tranah, who has lived at Bridgemead Care Home for the last ten years, and will be 100 on 10th June, reveals her secrets for those who aspire to centenarianism. Jean, who was born in Wimbledon, left school at 15, was a children’s nurse, then volunteered for the WRNS in World War II. After the War she worked in a children’s home, and then became a companion for 28 years to a lady who was an optician in New Bond Street.

1.Be positive and cheerful

“It’s what you make of situations that counts. I try to think of others and how they are feeling, and be happy and cheerful and not think of myself too much. I would have liked to have been married, but some people are called to a single life and can be a blessing to others and try to help.”

2.”Live one day at a time, one step at a time, and trust in the Lord. I have a deep faith and trust in the Lord, He’s seeing me through. I have lots to thank the Lord for – he has granted me many blessings. I had a fall and was in hospital. My friends prayed for me and their prayers were answered in a wonderful way. There was one vacancy here and I moved in to Bridgemead with these wonderful kind people. People say this is the best home and I agree. I call the staff ministering angels – they are very caring and look after me. It’s lovely to see the river and the greenery around.”

3.Eat well

“My favourite meal is chicken, cream potatoes, sprouts and carrots and strawberry pavlova for pudding. The food is good here.”

4.Keep moving

“ I don’t like to sit too long. I use a frame now as two sticks were not enough support, but I like to keep going. We do exercises with music and I enjoy skittles.”

5.Get involved

I have the great privilege of being asked every Thursday to help choose the hymns and give the Bible reading in “Quiet Time”. I used to be very shy as a girl, but this has helped me a lot.

After my lovely Japanese spaniel was put to sleep I wanted to help the RSPCA cats and dogs home, so I have been knitting blankets for the cats and dogs and they are sent up to Claverton. I’m now on my thirtieth blanket.”

6.Look forward

“I’ve had joys and disappointments – I have no children, my sister was killed in a car crash in America, I lost my lady I worked for, but I keep on going and don’t give in. It’s important to go forward and not keep looking back.”

7.Be interested

“I try to think of other people and be interested in them – I can lose myself in other people.”





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