Welcome to Bridgemead

Open Reception : Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm
  Contact : 01225 484904


Dr Paul Booth

Paul has been a GP in Bath for 34 years, working in the same practice as Dr Ray King. As a local GP Paul has a high ratio of older people amongst his patients. Since his retirement from general practice Paul has acted as lead appraiser within BathNES area, appraising GPs. Paul has been a member of St Luke’s Church since 1982. Paul’s interest in the work of Bridgemead was inspired by the vision of Dr King with whom he worked for a number of years and, subsequently, through his contact with Bridgemead in his professional capacity. In 2015 Paul was delighted to accept an invitation to become a Trustee and has used his skills and expertise to good effect in supporting the management medically as well as developing staff appraisals. Paul believes that Bridgemead is special because it provides excellent care in a beautiful environment with great warmth.

Clare Biss

Clare is an experienced Occupational Therapist having spent much of her career working with older people.

Shirley Furze

Shirley has been aware of the work of Bridgemead from its earliest days as her father, Harold Ives, was one of the original Trustees with Ray King.

Ross Evans

Ross is the Church Manager for Widcombe Baptist Church in Bath, and his mother-in-law was a resident at Bridgemead.