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Open Reception : Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm
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As a Christian organisation we place a significant emphasis on the provision of spiritual support for those who choose to avail themselves of it. This includes visits from two part-time chaplains who visit the home regularly. We also have a short spiritual devotion each weekday morning and a Sunday Service each Sunday afternoon.

All of these occasions are optional (as are all our other activities) and reflects the fact that we welcome those from all faiths and none as residents of Bridgemead.

100th party


Stimulation for body, mind and spirit Bridgemead residents and Day Club members have access to a wide array of activities and entertainment. From arts & craft to movies and day…

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Giving carers a much-needed rest One of our 32 rooms is set aside for short-term residents, to give family members (who are often full-time carers) a chance to recuperate. Respite…

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Residential care

Care of the highest quality Residents eligible for care are diligently looked after by registered nurses and fully qualified care professionals, working under senior care staff. Our emphasis is on…

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Nursing care

Passion, professionalism and affection Bridgemead Care Home is ‘dual-registered’ and provides round-the-clock nursing care for residents as required. There’s a registered nurse on duty at all times as well as…

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Iris Stanton and Brian Paginton Golden Toes Tropical Summer seated dance class 07.08.17. 2

Day club

Good food, good company, good memories Many older people living in their own homes can experience loneliness and isolation. So Bridgemead operates a Day Club each weekday from 10.00am to…

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